Hospitals and clinics are traditionally of fixed capacity and face the issue of varying demand, either through seasonal changes or more longer-term demographic shifts in population or disease types.

Portable Living Group specialises in the implementation of healthcare solutions using modular and offsite build technology to solve healthcare capacity constraints.

We can assist with these issues by providing rapid increases in capacity in both surgical as well as day or inpatient ward units. Our capabilities not only include building provision, but also ongoing maintenance and staffing (both administrative and clinical) if required. Utilising modular construction has many benefits.

The first is time; offsite fabrication means that the traditional linear programme of groundworks followed by superstructure is undertaken in parallel significantly reducing deployment times of facilities.

Modular construction is also less expensive than traditional build, less prone to delays due to the weather, and more predictable in its delivery time scales. Units are fabricated in a factory environment increasing both quality of finish and overall reliability. Portable Living Group includes clinical and medical experts amongst its advisers and works closely with local staff to ensure that patient flows are optimised for the proposed build, not just delivering increased capacity but also increasing efficiency once procedures commence.

Portable Living group have delivered a range of rapid deployment healthcare facilities across the UK.

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